Needing a little assistance....

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Needing a little assistance....

Post by Kaitlin » Sat 10.29.2005 1:11 am

I've been doing an assignment about the daily life of a Japanese student, and, making it hard for myself, I decided to write kind of 'diary entries' in Japanese to go with it. Not knowing a lot of Japanese, I turned to free online translators and I wanted to write in hiragana, not kanji or katakana, because that's what my class is learning, so I typed the english into Babel Fish translation, which gave me the japanese, using kanji. I then copied and pasted that into J-Talk translator, and selected the 'kanji to romanji' option.

I have two questions:
1. Will writing this all in hiragana change the meaning of the words? (I don't think it does, but I thought'd I'd better check while I'm here!)
2. Has all this translating changed the meaning of the words too much? (It doesn't have to be picture perfect, I just want a rough translation, but doing a reverse translation REALLY worried me!)

Here's what I have so far:





Any feedback would be REALLY helpful!

Thankyou for your time.

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RE: Needing a little assistance....

Post by colind » Sat 10.29.2005 1:44 am

i didn't read through the passage...
but i would highly advise not using online translators.
i use them sometimes if i'm really stuck, but i never take it for being correct, i always check the grammar etc with what i know or with someone who will know.
And writing completely in hiragana won't change the meaning, but it makes it harder to read and easier to get words mixed up.

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RE: Needing a little assistance....

Post by Kaitlin » Sat 10.29.2005 1:56 am

I realise that using online translators probably isn't a good idea, but I don't really have many other options, because I've only been learning Japanese since the start of the year.

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RE: Needing a little assistance....

Post by mandolin » Sat 10.29.2005 3:16 am

Some words are written in katakana only, so changing those to hiragana probably isn't proper and wouldn't be doing your class a favor. Changing kanji into hiragana, especially when you're using one of those translators can get very... well... horrible.

I admire your ingenuity in coming up with a very nice way to spice up your report. Not many students have enthusiasm for anything. :P

However, I think you might end up confusing yourself and possibly you classmates (are they going to be reading it, too? Or just your teacher?)

If just your teacher is going to read it... maybe do it anyway to show your willingness to take chances. Then again, some teachers might not appreciate that, either. Heh.

OK, enough rambling.

Oyasumi nasai.

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RE: Needing a little assistance....

Post by Kaitlin » Sat 10.29.2005 3:38 am

Actually, my classmates are...well...a little behind. As in, they've learnt three lines of hiragana throughout the whole year. I have two teachers...because of staffing issues, only one of them is actually a Japanese teacher, and I'm doing this assignment for the one that doesn't understand Japanese. I guess you could say I'm doing it more for myself than anyone else. :P

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RE: Needing a little assistance....

Post by coco » Sat 10.29.2005 5:56 am

Kaitlin wrote:
えむあいえすおおすうぷ might be 「(お)みそしる」 miso soup
ぴくるすにされたやさい might be 「(お)つけもの」

このonline translators はなかなかよくできていますね〜〜:D
おすは 「おすし」で こくもつは「シリアル」かもしれないけれど。

「ときどき とおすと (トースト) か こくもつ(穀物) を た(食)べる。」でしたね。:p
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