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I studied Japanese about 7-8 years ago and considered myself an intermediate learner, but then I unfortunately let my knowledge of the language slide, mostly because I don't know any japanese people that I can talk to and because of other things in my life. However, I've resolved to continue my studies. Unfortunately I've discovered that I've forgotten a lot, so know I'm probably at the upper beginner level, or something like that. I'll probably pop in here from time to time and ask some questions, so I hope that's alright. =)

I'm actually going to Tokyo this October. It will be my first time in Japan and I'm super excited. =) And that brings me to my first question.
Perhaps this is a little trivial, but I just started wondering about it. How do you greet someone that you most likely will not meet again or have some sort of realtionship with? Like for instance the customs people at the airport or the receptionist at the hotel. Can I still say "Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku", or would that be strange? Or perhaps a "konnichi wa" would be best? Or, since my flight arrives around 9.30, "ohayou gozaimasu"?

Hehe, a very trivial question, I know, but if one doesn't ask, one will never know. =)

Thanks in advance,

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