i'm leaving/i'll be back

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i'm leaving/i'll be back

Post by littlegreen » Sun 06.22.2014 11:26 am

てきます = itte kimasu = i'll be back
used when leaving your home/a place you will return to relatively soon

I learnt
てくる = itte kuru can be used to mean i'm leaving but on speaking to someone who is more expereienced with the language then myself i was told it's not really correct. I could use itte kuru ne = いつてくるね to mean i'll be back.

just wanted to double check if itte kuru does exist/is it used? (and the context)

ps. i know the tsu should be smaller to denote the t emphasis but can't do it on the keyboard i'm using.

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Re: i'm leaving/i'll be back

Post by Dustin » Sun 06.22.2014 5:17 pm

I do not see any problem with いってくる ( other then whether it's more appropriate to use いってきます based on the relationship between the 2 people in the conversation )

http://www.romajidesu.com/dictionary/me ... 82%8B.html

Adding ね at the end seems a bit strange in most circumstances, as you're usually looking for confirmation so "I'll be back ( won't I? )" is the feeling I get from it.

What keyboard are you using that doesn't allow for small っ?

On typical ime romaji input you double up the next consonant, itte > いって or use an x before the small character xtsu > っ
ltsu has the same effect of っ

If you're using a japanes kana keyboard then it will be a little different.

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