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Postby Guren » Sun 06.22.2014 4:53 pm

This time I'm having trouble with only one word.


The first two parts of the sentence translate to (though I'm not 100% sure) "The voice, that seemed to have damaged the obvious mood, argued vehemently with incessant complaints...."

切り返した translates probably to " retorted" in this context and もう片方 translates to something like "the other fellow"

Now, that すぱんと is supposed to mean "span" with the と having the function " [noun/verb] sounded like [adjective/adverb] or something like that. But that translation doesn't make sense in that tat context. At least to me it doesn't. And it is written in hiragana.

Many thanks to those ow will take a look at this.

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Re: すぱんと

Postby Ranja » Mon 06.23.2014 4:44 am

in too many words に対して、in three wordsというところでしょうか。



the voice which obviously suggested that he/she got offended
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