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Song translations

Post by JDarryl » Mon 06.23.2014 4:43 pm

I'm looking for people who are interested in translating lyrics I wrote from English to Japanese.

I listen to a lot of japanese rock such as NUMBER GIRL, Zazen boys, Bloodthirsty Butchers, and I've performed some of their songs as well. Obviously at some point I started to read translations of their music and learned about how they could pronounce one word in so many ways that they could pretty much say anything without music and linguistics colliding. stretching a few words to properly fit an entire bar or even more, while the same thing goes vice versa. Now that I'm busy with my own band, I nearly always find myself in the middle of a conflict between expression and the 'rules' of the English language. This is because of the lack of symmetry and rhymes in my lyrics (stretching words at certain points), leaving me terribly limited in writing a melody (pitch+rhythm). Along the way I've also tried writing in Dutch but this was even more fatal than English and killed off any possibility right away. The reason I'm not translating the songs myself is because I'd be bottlenecking my ability to write music and English lyrics (6 years and 3 years respectively) to the point of not being able to write anything for at least another few.

So in short, the lyrics I write strike me as too irregular and asymmetrical to be sung in English the way I want to, and I feel the Japanese language will fit my ideal much better.

I hope there is some interest for a little project like this, as they're probably not everyday translations and perhaps interesting to work on. I'm not going to do Japanese songs exclusively, and if only a few sentences are in Japanese I'll take care of them myself, but there should be new material I'd like to get translated every now and then.

Here's something I'm working on right now. If you like the style and want to help an artist out, please let me know. I sort of know my way around music after quite a few years so there might be something I could do to return the potential favor!

Cluttered Conversations

11th interval - life's end for a burning day
Uncertainty girl came looking for answers
Forget about the cool blue, spotted by exposure
Out here, it's never been different this time around
And it's all I know

We looked at a void, now, where did the sky go ?
The burning sensation of memories coated in orange
It took place on my skin while conversing
The smoke she exhaled told an old story

Lost in thought, I stood without a map of the heart

Did she ever leave or was she the season itself after all ?
With one leg in a forgotten past I remember
There was no way I'd know and so she lit the next one

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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