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Postby asfalios » Sun 09.14.2014 10:06 pm

Hello people,

how would you translate this phrase?


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Re: 妻にどうしてほしいと思っている夫が多いですか

Postby 山岡アンドリュ » Wed 10.08.2014 12:27 pm

I'm extremely new to 日本語 and considering you didn't seem to bother even beginning to translate this at all yourself - it begs the question; do you even study Japanese? Simply to practice my studies I tried translating this myself; however I don't know if I will be very accurate.

What I got from this is "Why wish for a wife when many husbands think of leaving?" - I'm curious if anybody can let me know if this is even close to what the sentence says as I am basically assembling the basic knowledge I've recently learned from the many grammar lessons I've gone through. I went through my studies and used what I've learned so far as well as using Rikaikun to help with the meanings of a few of the words. Hopefully somebody can respond who has greater knowledge than I even if it's just to help me understand where I went wrong in the translation as the site is used to help people who are learning Japanese and are willing to try to translate the sentence as best as they can - and then helping to come to the proper translation. This isn't a free translation service for people just looking to translate things into English.
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