Hello! First Question Here; Curious Translation

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Hello! First Question Here; Curious Translation

Post by 山岡アンドリュ » Tue 10.07.2014 2:00 pm

Okay so I thought since this was sort of a less important translation question and not a high priority; I would post it in off-topic like an idiot because I assumed it was for "off-topic Japanese discussion" which I then thought "well; this IS the translating section so I'm dumb!" --- Anyways! First off I will say; my name is Andrew and I have only recently started learning Japanese. I'm about a quarter of the way through basic grammar and have been learning quite quickly. I have wanted to learn Japanese since I was a young child as playing video games has always been a huge hobby and passion of mine. And of course I have missed out on many games that I would love to play simply from not knowing Japanese. I also have always wanted to either vacation to Japan or even move there to teach English and start a new life in a land I feel I would relate to much more than my native land of Canada. However; I don't want to waste your time with my entire life story.

Basically; I was trying to translate this fairly simple song title which is from an artist I always liked in high school and ended up just listening to one of his albums today: DJ Sharpnel. I imagine most people are unaware of who this is unless you played StepMania or FlashFlashRevolution a lot. So what I was trying to translate is this:

風の中のすばる ~表現者たち~ Now; I know that it is 「かぜのなかのすばる」for the first segment and the only two translations I could really get were Subaru in the wind; or referring to The Pleiades with 昴 and the mythological story of The Pleiades which would be referring to the doves in the wind I guess? I imagine this is not the translation however since the すばる would not be in ひらがな。However; I was kind of confused as to why it would be すばる and not スバル considering the name Subaru is in カタカナ correct? At least that was what I found. I use Rikaikun (the Chrome add-on) which now I'm curious what the title is for that as well; I typed 理解君 and ended up with that - which to me based on the translations found through Rikaikun it seems like it would be the accurate title for that add-on?

Back to the topic at hand though... I have been working on interpreting basic sentences through practice material online and that I have written out in my workbook that I've compiled for myself; but this one had me stumped mainly from the word すばる。I also was wondering about 表現者たち。What I got from this was "People's expression"? Something along those lines? This in-turn had me wondering if 風の中のすばる is a common 'expression' in 日本 and 日本語。 (would 日本と日本語 be what is used here? Or when referring to language and the people would 日本 suffice?) - I know a few of these are probably silly sounding questions as I'm quite new to the language and am still getting used to some of the basic nuances - but I am constantly learning every day and am really looking forward to not only getting helped on my path to fluency; but also helping others as I learn myself. I love teaching things to others so I really hope to one day possibly be able to turn my love for 日本語 into a career whether it ends up being interpreting/translating or one of the various other career possibilities.

Thanks for the help and any insight into such a silly question! I usually will be coming here with more serious material and questions but this one has been bugging me all day and I need to satisfy my curiosity! ^.^

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Re: Hello! First Question Here; Curious Translation

Post by y suzu » Thu 12.11.2014 12:34 am


There was a famous TV program titled ''プロジェクトX~挑戦者たち~''(Project X ~challengers), and the theme song was ''地上の星'' which begins with ''風の中のすばる...'' also famous in Japan,

Maybe すばる means the stars you mentioned, and is written in ひらがな because it is the lyrics.

表現者たち means ''people who express/describe''.

日本語の勉強、頑張って下さいね。 :wave:

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