canadian introducing in a japanese class (need translation)

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canadian introducing in a japanese class (need translation)

Post by deathknight777 » Wed 11.09.2005 4:55 am

this is the question my friend johnny is trying to answer in japanese :

my name is johnny
i was born in taiwan
i was born in 1989
my birthday is Nov. 6
i live in burnaby
i want to become a teacher in the future
i am taking math and english
i am a student from burnaby
i am not in a club
i can play basketball
i am good at playing video game
my family have 3 members, me, my mom, and my dad

since im not that good in japanese i cant help my friend, can anyone here help please? thanks in advance (please dont use any hard kanji, i dont think my friend can write anything too hard. He prefers katakana)

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RE: canadian introducing in a japanese class (need translati

Post by james_scoltock » Wed 11.09.2005 9:18 am

I'm going to have to use romaji because I can't type Japanses on this computer:

1) Watashi ha Johnny desu.
2) Taiwan de umaremashita.
3) sen kyu hyaku hatchi ju kyu nen ni umaremashita.
4) Watshi no tanjobi ha ju ichi gatsu no ~ desu.
5) Burnaby ni sunde imasu.
6) Sensei ni naritai desu.
7) Ima "math" to "eigo" benkyo shite imasu.
10) Basketball koto ga dekimasu.
11) bidio suru koto ga jozu desu.
12) Watashi no kazoku ha san nin desu. San nin ha watashi to chichi to haha desu.

Hope this is party helpful.

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RE: canadian introducing in a japanese class (need translati

Post by Kates » Wed 11.09.2005 12:21 pm

4) 6th = muika -- Juuichigatsu no muika = November 6th

7) math = suugaku -- james' sentence is fine (except there should be an o/wo after "eigo"), but it literally says "Now I am studying math and English." To say 'taking,' you should say: "Ima, suugaku to eigo no kurasu wo totte imasu."

8) (Watashi ha) Burnaby kara no gakusei desu.

9) (Watashi ha) bu ni ha haitte-imasen. (Perhaps it's good to add "gakkou no" before "bu"...? "Bu" can mean more than just a school club. Or maybe "kurabu" instead of "(gakkou no) bu"?)

10) correction: Basketball ga dekimasu. (is fine, "koto" is not needed)

11) correction: Video game ga jyouzu desu. (You could use 'tokui' instead of 'jyouzu' and it implies that, not only are you good, but you like it as well.)

12) the first sentence is fine, but the second one is a little off. Simply say "Haha to chichi ga imasu." The third person (the speaker) is obvious. You could also say "Kyoudai wa imasen" (kyoudai = siblings) or perhaps "Watashi ha hitorikko desu" (I am an only child).

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