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View topic - いれてつないます - irete tsuna imasu

いれてつないます - irete tsuna imasu

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いれてつないます - irete tsuna imasu

Postby Gunnargateprest » Sun 04.26.2015 1:17 pm

Hello everybody!

I am trying to better my Japanese by playing through the Super Famicom game Mother 2 and translating as I go. Sadly, I am officially stuck (and I haven't even left my room yet:p). I am checking my items in the game and I have a ATM card ( キャッシュカード ), when I press the use (つかう) button I get the following sentence:

キャッシュ ディスペンサー にいれてつないます
Kessu disupensaa ni irete tsuna imasu.

I think the basic meaning there is no cash dispenser (ATM) to put (ireru) the card in. What confuses me is the tsuna imasu part of the sentence. I know imasu indicates that something exists, but there isn't a cash dispenser here, so shouldn't it be imasen? And I can't for the life of me figure out what tsuna (rope) means in this context.

Does: Kessu disupensaa ni irete imasen, convey the same meaning or am I far off here?

Thank you so much for all your help:)

PS: I am not a seasoned pro in Japanese so if there is something else wrong with what I am saying please feel free to correct me, I want to learn!
PPS: Perhaps I should have chosen Rockman on the Famicom instead to begin with:p
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Re: いれてつないます - irete tsuna imasu

Postby hariharidax2 » Mon 04.27.2015 9:47 pm

I think the basic meaning there is no cash dispenser (ATM) to put (ireru) the card in.

Yes,you are right.
and I think this is a typo.

キャッシュ ディスペンサー にいれてつないます

キャッシュ ディスペンサー にいれてつかいます
= キャッシュ ディスペンサー に入れて使います。
it means "this ATM card is for use to put in cash dispenser. "
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