translating "same as"

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translating "same as"

Post by vakamaka » Wed 06.17.2015 12:59 am

こんにちは皆さん。!I have a question about an explanation from a correction that was made to my sentences on

I was confused about 洗濯 and 掃除, so I wrote 「洗濯」と「掃除」が同じですか? the explanation I was given was

えいごではクリニングといって、せんたくと同じようになりますが、日本語では、ちがいます、 "cleaning " ⇒そうじは、へやをきれいにすることです
I understand the correction for the most part, but I don't understand the clause 「せんたくと同じようになりますが、」

I know that the 「と」particle can mean "with" but I don't understand how it fits in in this context.

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Re: translating "same as"

Post by richvh » Wed 06.17.2015 9:53 am

I'm pretty sure the と in 選択と is the "and" と, connecting 選択 to クリニング, and probably the response was referring to the cleaning in "dry cleaning".
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Re: translating "same as"

Post by Ongakuka » Thu 06.18.2015 8:24 am

Just to confirm in case anything was unclear,

えいごではクリニングといって、せんたくと同じようになりますが、日本語では、ちがいます、 "cleaning " ⇒そうじは、へやをきれいにすることです
In English you say "cleaning" which would be the same as (washing clothes/洗濯) but in Japanese, it's different. "cleaning" > 掃除 means tidying a room.

クリニング should be クリーニング

As richvhさん pointed out, there's dry cleaning, but we don't really refer to 掃除 and 洗濯 by the same word in English.

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