Desperate need of help

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Desperate need of help

Post by GasterSans » Wed 02.24.2016 12:56 am

Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I am enrolled in an intermediate level japanese class. And I am having difficulties espressing my sentences in this paper.

For example, for this paper I decided to write about my favourite game which happens to be last of us.

I wanted to talk about what happens to Sara and Joel at the start of the game, but the way I explained it was wrong.
I thought I used the appropriate grammar points but my instructor marked this whole sentence wrong. I don't know what I wrote incorrectly?
I wanted to say that when Sara and her dad were escaping Texas, Sara was shot infront of her father because the people thought they were zombies.

And for this sentence I wanted to express more scenes in the game being hard to bear and of course it was all wrong.

And I wanted to express that there are scenes showcasing cannibalism, corruption, fighting for yourself, saving the world or yourself, and genoicdes.

I really don't know what I am doing wrong...

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