Does Japanese have a word for spirit animal

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Does Japanese have a word for spirit animal

Post by Dehitay » Sun 04.03.2016 1:01 pm

I know the concept of a spirit animal is popular in the West, but I don't know if it exists in Japanese culture. Translators just give me the direction translation of 精神動物 which might be right, but somehow seems like it doesn't express what I want. If I try to google the subject, 妖怪 pops up which sounds even more off unless I'm under the wrong impression about those being more along the lines of monsters.

Can somebody tell me if this concept even exists in Japanese? And if so, what's the phrase they use for it?
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Re: Does Japanese have a word for spirit animal

Post by Slaughter Skye » Fri 04.08.2016 1:24 pm

There aren't really spirit animals in Japan, the closest to a spirit animal are maybe zodiac animals.

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