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japanese confusing sentence

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japanese confusing sentence

Postby devinamaaa » Sun 06.12.2016 11:35 am

this sentence means big stress is distressful but it will be solve as you grow up?
or big stress is distressful but without find your way to solve the problem , people will become more mature?
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Re: japanese confusing sentence

Postby richvh » Sat 08.06.2016 6:06 pm

Great stress is a difficult thing, but it is said that many people start to mature and cause to waken the power to... middle part confuses me (それを解決しないよう) to not resolve it?
Richard VanHouten
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Re: japanese confusing sentence

Postby Setaceau » Mon 08.08.2016 12:16 am

As a native Japanese, I believe the original sentense would not be so (99% sure).
I also feel very strange as if some sort of direct translation from other language.
何とかそれを解決しようという力を起こさせ、should be correct.
Even considering very deep meanings, the 解決 cannot be suitable word.
(おもてに出さないように or それに負けないように could be acceptable)
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