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Postby ShounenSuki » Thu 12.01.2005 11:27 am

I'm trying to translate something, but I came across a word I can't seem to find the meaning of.
Can anyone tell me what 封ずる means? It looks similar to 封じる (to seal), so it probably means the same, but I'd like to be certain ^^

The entire sentance is 「四象の循環により邪を封ずる封印式」

Thanks in advance ^^
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RE: 封ずる

Postby coco » Mon 12.05.2005 6:40 am

ShounenSuki wrote:

To quote entire sentence helps us.;)

As you say 封ずる is similar to 封じる. It is a literary language from Classical Japanese.

In this case 「封ずる」is described below
Now you may understand what is 封ずる with using the great WWWJDIC.
I guess 封ずる (ふうずる) might be close to “shut away” “confine” or something like that.
Did you find this sentence in 陰陽 game?

Same word 封ずる is pronounced ほうずる(historical term) when its means “ enfeoff” if that helps.

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