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Eastern Youth

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Eastern Youth

Postby mrhegge » Wed 12.07.2005 11:59 pm

has anyone ever heard of this band? I just got a copy of the split cd the did with Cursive and it's absolutly amazing!
Anyway, I was trying to figure out the translation of the song names and was wondering if anyone could lend a hand. Here they are (unfortunately I'm going to have to type them out in Romanji since this library comp's language bar is acting up)
The first song track is called: burabura(and then some kanji I can't seem to find in my ntc)
The second song i believe is called: muyoo no suke ( I believe this means forbidden/unwanted help or something)
I'm skipping the third song. I can't even find kanji for this one in my NTC
The forth song is: Nanji demo koko ni iru (I'm sure this one has something to do with time or something.)
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RE: Eastern Youth

Postby mandolin » Thu 12.08.2005 12:42 am

Someone can correct me if I have these wrong -

1 Bura bura bushi - ぶらぶら節 - "Swing dance"

2 Muyou no suke - .無用の助 - I think.. unwanted help is what I get, too. Unless it's a common set phrase, then it could mean anything. :)

3 Nisoku hokou kouta - 二足歩行小唄 - ... not sure what it means. Sorry.

4 Itsudemo koko ni iru - 何時も此処にいる - "I will always be here"

EDIT: I had found the single and song titles in japanese on Amazon HERE.

Not sure why koko is in kanji, when it's usually in kana. Maybe poetic? Oh well...
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RE: Eastern Youth

Postby mrhegge » Fri 12.09.2005 7:46 pm

Hey thanks for the feedback. I asked my sensei about bura bura bushi. she said that burabura means to wander or something like that. she thought all together it meant something about wandering amongst a tomb
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