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Baka Mitai.

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Baka Mitai.

Postby Powerpuff Kuma » Sat 12.10.2005 11:51 am

I saw that "Baka mitai" means "I look like a fool". But, the termination in the verb indicates the wish to do something (like tabetai, i want to eat, aitai, i want to see you). So why does baka mitai doesn't mean "I want to look a fool"?

Thanks for your help!
Powerpuff Kuma
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RE: Baka Mitai.

Postby Harisenbon » Sat 12.10.2005 12:04 pm

Because みたい means to look like. If you wanted a hardcore literal translation it would be something like "I want to see ~" So "I want to see it as foolish" would be a too literal translation, I think.

I want to look for a fool would be something like
When you use "look for" in Japanese, you use the verb さがす, to search.

Does that help?
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RE: Baka Mitai.

Postby richvh » Sat 12.10.2005 12:17 pm

みたい is a suffix or -na adjective meaning -like, sort of, similar to, resembling. 見たい, the desiderative of 見る, would require a particle. 馬鹿みたい, foolish, resembling a fool. 馬鹿を見たい, I want to see a fool.
Richard VanHouten
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RE: Baka Mitai.

Postby Infidel » Sat 12.10.2005 7:11 pm

once again emphasizing the importance of learning the kanji
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RE: Baka Mitai.

Postby Powerpuff Kuma » Sun 12.11.2005 2:43 am

I see.
thanks a lot for your help =D

Matta Ne!
Powerpuff Kuma
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RE: Baka Mitai.

Postby kirama » Sun 12.11.2005 5:06 am

so many kanji so LITTLE BRAIN SPACE
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