"I dont like snow"...???

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"I dont like snow"...???

Post by Edvent » Sat 12.17.2005 11:07 am

How can I translate "I don't like snow"
Well, I tried like this:

"yuki ga suki deha nai" - is it right?

I had broblems with finding the negative form of "suki"... actually I don't know what kind of word this is... is it an i-Adjektive?

Can anyobody help me please? :(

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RE: "I dont like snow"...???

Post by richvh » Sat 12.17.2005 11:54 am

That's right (suki is a -na adjective), but you could also use suki's antonym, kirai: yuki ga kirai.
Richard VanHouten

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RE: "I dont like snow"...???

Post by Gaijinian » Mon 12.19.2005 5:55 pm

...desu. 文を完成しましょう!B)
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