How to reply?

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How to reply?

Post by Kisshu » Mon 12.19.2005 3:05 pm

Hey! I hath an extremely difficult question for you.. ok.. maybe not.. but here goes!

What does this mean?


Does the first part mean "How is your Japanese language going?" Or did I tranlate that wrong? I couldn't figure out the second part -___-

Also... what would be a good way to reply to this?;)
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RE: How to reply?

Post by aKuMu » Mon 12.19.2005 3:36 pm

i *think* it would be something like this in the 2nd part -> i think its hard/difficult

answer depends on whether you think its hard or not :D
むずかしい です
いい です
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i dont know :/
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RE: How to reply?

Post by Ongakuka » Mon 12.19.2005 4:52 pm

I think of 日本語はどう? as meaning "How are you finding Japanese?" which is sligtly different to your translation. Also, check the grammar section of this site under と思います -"I think," as this will help you understand the second part of the sentence. 

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RE: How to reply?

Post by Harisenbon » Mon 12.19.2005 9:51 pm

Ongakka is correct:

"How are you finding Japanese? I think it's difficult."
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