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View topic - じゃない and らしくない translation question. >_<

じゃない and らしくない translation question. >_<

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じゃない and らしくない translation question. >_<

Postby lgmcben » Wed 12.28.2005 1:17 pm

---Question 1---


I'm not sure which of the following should be the correct meaning of the phrase above.

1.1 It's not that I don't like studying. (She's telling others)

1.2 I thought I don't like studying, do I? (She's speaking to herself. Somewhat like...... she just realized that actually she likes to study)

---Question 2---

「何よ? そのらしくない喋り方は。。。」

What does らしくない means in this sentence? @__@ ??

My guess is: "What's with that 'pretended' way of talking?" (I guess by using the context not included here)

Thank you very much. :)
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RE: じゃない and らしくない translation question. >

Postby mandolin » Wed 12.28.2005 1:45 pm

I'm a beginner too, but I'll give it a shot.


I get "I don't hate studying." Could either be said to herself or to someone else.


らしい - i-adjective, means "appears like, seems"

〜くない - negative form for i-adjectives

らしくない - doesn't seem....

Put into natural english, I think it'd be like "What the hell? That's not the way you usually talk....."
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