Boys will be boys

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Boys will be boys

Post by ShounenSuki » Sat 12.31.2005 4:12 pm

I was wondering what the best translation of the sentence "Boys will be boys" was in Japanese.
I was thinking of something like 少年は少年です

Thanks in advance ^^

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RE: Boys will be boys

Post by clay » Sat 12.31.2005 8:26 pm

I am sure there is something equivilant in Japanese for such a common set phrase, but since I don't know of one perhaps something like やっぱり男の子ね。 captures the image of a boy running in with dirt on his face and a few earthworms in his pocket:

yappari otoko no ko ne.
As expected-boy-isn't it?
Ah! He's a boy isn't he? (or something)


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RE: Boys will be boys

Post by zengargoyle » Sat 12.31.2005 9:05 pm

boys are boys after all.

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RE: Boys will be boys

Post by Justin » Sat 12.31.2005 9:28 pm

Did a quick search and came up with this...

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