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Do you have a translation question?


Postby spank » Tue 01.03.2006 4:35 am

I'm reading about canadian politics in japanese. A little translation help please.


I understand this sentence entirely except for .......


does this mean, "Apec was opened and with kamayama...."
or "Apec was opened by kamayama and with ...."
or...something else....

please translate this clearly you kind people you.
something like...."furthermore, also in november, apec was opened AND? with kamayama, both leaders signed the japan-canada economic framwork document.".........?
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RE: ummm

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 01.03.2006 7:30 am

Additionally, this November both ministers signed the Japan-Canada Economic Framework in Kanayama, where APEC was held.
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RE: ummm

Postby spank » Tue 01.03.2006 8:53 am

thank you friend
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RE: ummm

Postby coco » Wed 01.04.2006 12:24 pm

釜山(プサン=Pusan) is a place-name of Korea.
So it is not difficult for you. ;)

○○で開催された or ○○で開かれた means " held in(at)○○".
BTW, isn't it the 日加経枠組み?
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RE: ummm

Postby spank » Wed 01.04.2006 1:40 pm

oh thank you. i never knew of "pu-san".
ya, i forgot this kanji 済. oops.
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