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twitching (as in birdwatching)

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twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby hikitsurisan » Thu 01.05.2006 1:17 pm

Does anyone know whether there is a Japanese term for "twitcher"? You know what I mean: a twitcher is a birdwatcher, but one of the crackpot variety who are totally obsessed with seeing as many birds as possible to add them to their personal list. They spend all their time (and money) dashing all over the country to wherever a rare bird has been reported. My guess is that this is a typically British eccentricity, but I don't know. Failing that: what is Japanese for "birdwatcher" and "birdwatching"? Are there many in Japan? I get the impression that most Japanese are not interested in their environment and find concrete much more beautiful. But there are many beautiful birds to be seen in Japan as I can see in my Japanese birdbook (at least I can read their names: they are in Katakana).
Oh, and by the way, I am not a twitcher, just a birdwatcher!
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby Campbell » Thu 01.05.2006 2:20 pm

dunno, maybe it's in katakana?

or maybe it has a suffix/prefix that you can use (chou i think is a slang prefix meaning "super somthing" i suppose you coud us that ie "super bird watcher"!)

or the word youre looking for doesnt exist, then you could make it up! Wouldnt that be fun!?

ps whats hikisturisan? (sorry for soundin stupid)
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby sgtkwol » Thu 01.05.2006 4:13 pm

I'm not much into birwatching, but as far as I know twitcher is a term that does not exsist in that way in american english. my guess is that it would fit more into a slang category and would be katakana if used in japanese.
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby richvh » Thu 01.05.2006 4:30 pm

Space ALC has the following entries:

【名】 バードウオッチャー、野鳥観察者{やちょう かんさつ しゃ}、野鳥観察家{やちょう かんさつ か}
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby Infidel » Thu 01.05.2006 5:32 pm

I dunno. I think the generic American term for twitcher is birdwatcher since they are all considered a bit wierd.
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby Harisenbon » Fri 01.06.2006 1:32 am

I don't know if there's a common parlance for it, but
とりおたく (bird geek)
sums it up quite nicely

I hesitate to put anything more complicated, because I'm not really sure of what would be normally said, but I have a feeling something like
might work
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RE: twitching (as in birdwatching)

Postby hikitsurisan » Sun 01.08.2006 12:54 pm

Thanks for suggestions for "twitcher". Harisenbon's とりおたく (bird geek) seems a good inspiration. I'll study Richard's translation of "birdwatcher" - might need some expert help there. Campbell wanted an explanation of "hikitsurisan". It is literally "twitcher" (as in nervous twitch) with "san" on the end (yes, I know it breaches Japanese etiquette, but I devised it for Yahoo for the birdwatching, and so am sticking to the same user name). Obviously non-British readers need to have the expanation that a "twitcher" is one of those eccentric birdwatching types who spend all their time (and money) chasing after unusual birds in order to add them to their personal list of "birds observed". (I'm not really a twitcher but a perfectly sane, well-balanced birdwatcher, but "hikitsurisan" sounded good and, surprisingly, was unique in Yahoo).
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