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Postby lgmcben » Mon 01.09.2006 3:19 pm

According to my dictionary, こだわり means hitch, trouble, prejudice.

I'm not sure how to translate the phrase below.


My guess is: [Dad's espresso and mom-made cake are popular.]

But what exactly does こだわり doing here?

Thank you. :)
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RE: こだわり 

Postby Justin » Mon 01.09.2006 3:56 pm

Maybe a bit better defintion of こだわり would be of some help here...


・〜がある have something stuck in one's mind; 《好みがうるさい》be particular ((about, over)); 〔話〕be choosy [picky].

I would also highly recommend the eijiro dictionary if there's ever a word that you get stuck on...


Just throw こだわり in the input box towards the top, hit enter, and see what pops-up. Hope that helps out a bit.
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