Using 書く with ノートパソ

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Using 書く with ノートパ

Post by lgmcben » Mon 01.09.2006 4:09 pm

I believe ノートパ is the abbreviated word for Notebook computer.

「大学生かなあ いつもノートパモナ何か書いてるけど」 ==> I wonder if he's a college student. He always 'write'(?) something on his Notebook computer.

書く means 'write'. But when used with ノートパ like in this phrase, does it have special meaning like 'typing' or something like that? I

It is just weird to 'write' anything on the Notebook computer. -_-

Sure there's an electronic artpad but I don't see it here(in the manga) at all.

Thank you for your help! :)

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RE: Using 書く with ノートパ

Post by skrhgh3b » Mon 01.09.2006 6:57 pm

'Write' doesn't necessarily mean 'to take pen in hand and make markings on a piece of paper' in this day and age. Think about it. If someone asks you, 'Did you write this?' are you going to say to them, 'Um, no, I typed it.' Well, then you're one cheeky bastard.
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RE: Using 書く with ノートパ

Post by Harisenbon » Mon 01.09.2006 9:26 pm

LIke skrhgh said, you can use 書く when writing on a computer. You can also use 打つ for type, or 入力する for input.
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RE: thx u :)

Post by lgmcben » Tue 01.10.2006 12:53 am

Thank you for the replies.

I understand how to translate it now. :D

Actually I'm not a native English speaker either ^_^; However, to translate this phrase to my language, it seems I'll be forced to use 'type' instead of 'write' or it will sounds weird(in my language).

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RE: Using 書く with ノートパ

Post by AJBryant » Tue 01.10.2006 1:11 am

I think part of it is that, in English, "writing" is as much the creative process as it is the mechanical act of using a pen or pencil and paper. "Typing" is strictly a mechanical process -- the "how", so to speak.

I've written five books and hundreds of articles, and wrote them all on a computer. ;)


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