A Japanese song...

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RE: A Japanese song...

Post by mechakucha » Wed 01.18.2006 8:19 am

I hope I can help, here's what I think:

何度も試さなくても = no matter how many times I try

鍵が開かない= lock (a phrase to indicate that the door is lock)
e.g. 鍵が開かないドア (door that is lock)
so 鍵が開かない家 (house that is lock)

鍵を開ける = unlock the door (another phrase)
e.g. 鍵を掛けてください = please lock the door

そこまで = up until then/to that extent
夜がそこまで来て= Evening approaches

どこにも行く場所がないの=There's no place to go
鍵を開けて中に入れて私を受け止めて= I unlock the door and enter and (it) took me in (not sure)
edited: 独り(ひとり) にしないで=Don't leave me alone

I'm not too good...so correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
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Takeo Saeki
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RE: A Japanese song...

Post by Takeo Saeki » Wed 01.18.2006 11:50 pm

Thanks for your help, guys... Um, just one more favor. The version of the song that I put up there in my starting post on this thread was a little different from the version that I heard in the credits. I mean, not changed, but.... extended. I found it on some other website, copied it, and pasted it here. The song had been cut for the credits of the movie, so i'm not even sure if half those lyrics up there are even correct. I'll go ahead and type down the song as I hear it when Ju-on: The Grudge gets to the end credits.

Akanai ie no kagi Watashi no Kagi na noni

Nando mo Tameshitemo Tobira wa Hirakanai

Kinou mo Ototoi mo sono mae kara hitori de

Dare mo inai ie ni Kaeru koto ga atarimae datta

Mama kara Watasarete Chiisai Toki datta

Yoru ga Soko made kite Watashi wa naiteru

Doko ni mo yuku Basho ga nai no aa

Kagi wo akete Naka ni irete

Hitori ni shinaide (this last line repeats twice)

^Where the next word is capitalized, those are the areas where the singer paused briefly. I don't know if this is relevent, but anyway...
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