apology sentence

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apology sentence

Post by redfoxer » Thu 01.12.2006 10:27 am

i was experimenting with the "can do" volitile forms of words. hanaseru and the like. i came across shineru and thought that was intresting and wanted to try and make a sentence out of it. so i made a proverb.

i have put it in a spolier box because even i think its abit touchy subject. to see it, just highlight it.
神様が死ねますけど = (trying to write a philisophical thing like, even gods can die)
and after writing this, i thought it was abit offesive but i wasnt sure...so stupidly, i asked a someone and i think i offended them. even though its slight, i wasnt skilled enough to write a sentence explaining that i was only experimenting with japanese.

i dont want this person to think bad of me and that im an unbalanced person. Lol! but i really do wana apologise even if it was a slightly offensive.

thank you in advance if anyone can help me.

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RE: apology sentence

Post by spank » Thu 01.12.2006 12:28 pm

you know what i've noticed redfoxer, too many people nowadays are getting offended. what happened to the days of yore when people could just be men about things and not cry over spilt milk..

we have a nation of boys being raised by women who are bred to be sissies....its pretty lame. and about your sentence,
神も死ねます= even gods can die; ya, i agree with this sentence completely. gods do die. no one nowadays worships almighty zeus or some other pantheon, greek or roman god. so they may as well be dead.

don't bother apologizing to anyone, you've said nothing wrong.

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RE: apology sentence

Post by SaigoNoBan » Thu 01.12.2006 12:49 pm

Well, my religion is all about a God dying... ;)

I'm sure that person will be sensible enough to understand.

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