translation about common questions. (please help asap)

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translation about common questions. (please help asap)

Post by deathknight777 » Thu 01.19.2006 4:54 am

i dont seem to get some of these question...... i think its asking about my family or something, can anyone help? thanks in advance :)

おにいさんは なんにん いますか
おねえさんは なんにん いますか
いもうどは なんにん いますか
おとうとは なんにん いますか
すきなともだちは なんにん いますか
あなたの party ni hitoga なんにん きいましたか
庭で子供が なんにん あそんでいますか
このクウスに 男の子は なんにん いますか
このクウスに 女の子は なんにん いますか

and if is asking how many brother or sister i have, i have none. how would i answer that? and also, i have around 5 likeable friend if thats wut the question is asking.

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RE: translation about common questions. (please help asap)

Post by clay » Thu 01.19.2006 5:03 am

Let me teach you how to fish:

お兄さん onii san - older brother
お姉さん onee san - older sister
妹 imouto (not imoudo) - younger sister
弟 otouto - younger brother

何人いますか nan nin imasu ka? - how many people

好き(な) suki(na) - like
友達 tomodachi - friends

庭で niwa de - in the garden
子供 kodomo - children

この kono - this
クラス kurasu - class (not クウス)
男の子 - otoko no ko - boy
女の子 onna no ko - girl

I hope this helps.

Happy fishing.

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RE: translation about common questions. (please help asap)

Post by richvh » Thu 01.19.2006 10:17 am

Clay covered the questions, but you also asked how to answer.

Oniisan and oneesan are the honorific forms for elder brother and elder sister, when talking of your own family to others you would use the humble forms, so answer those question with 兄 "ani" and 姉 "ane" respectively, instead.

Replace the 何 "nan" in 何人 with the number of people in your answer. Arabic numerals are fine for written replies. There are special readings for one and two people: hitori and futari; the rest are number+nin (sannin, yonnin, gonin, etc.) if you have to read them.

If there are none, leave off the x-nin part and change the verb to negative:
妹はいません。Imouto wa imasen = I don't have any little sisters.
Richard VanHouten

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