just want to make sure

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just want to make sure

Post by Edvent » Wed 01.25.2006 11:30 am

is this translation correct?

(watashi wa) Nihongo wo manabitai kara - because I want to learn japanese

can I even put the kara behind a "-tai" ending?
Is "wo" the right particle here? Or should "ga" be used?

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RE: just want to make sure

Post by richvh » Wed 01.25.2006 12:10 pm

Yes, you can use kara after -tai, though you could put desu after -tai and before kara for politeness. After a noun or -na adjective, a copula (either da or desu) would be required for kara to have the "because" meaning. Either "o" or "ga" can be used after the object of the -tai conjugation, as I understand it. I'm not sure of the difference in nuance between "nihongo ga manabitai" and "nihongo ga manabitai."
Richard VanHouten

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