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View topic - 超おいしい = too delicious ?

超おいしい = too delicious ?

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超おいしい = too delicious ?

Postby lgmcben » Sat 01.28.2006 8:46 am

Does 超おいしい means too delicious?

This is the first time I see 超 doing the role of adv. (It's nothing. I'm just inexperienced, that's all ^_^;) So I'm not sure what does it means.

If it actually means too delicious, can 超 be use with other verb to give a sense of 'too much' too?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: 超おいしい = too delicious ?

Postby Harisenbon » Sat 01.28.2006 10:05 am

It means Super Delicious.
超 is pretty much a direct translation of "super".
There may be some exceptions, but I can't think of any now.

Too delicious would be
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