Can someone help me translate this?

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Can someone help me translate this?

Post by teh_sAbEr » Sat 01.28.2006 11:53 am

この身 汚し 頷く強さと
いつも 前を 見つめたい弱さを
誇り 高く 眼差しで誓う

kono mi kegashi unazuku tsuyosa to
itsumo mae wo mitsumetai yowasa wo
hokori takaku manazashi de chikau
maketakunai kara

(This body disgraced, I strongly bowed my head
Always in the presence of a lady, wanting to see this weakness
Swearing by this proud look
I won't be defeated)

Can someone read my translation and tell me if its correct? Its most likely full of errors so any explanations would be greatly appreciated.

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