Rikaichan, the most helpful tool

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Rikaichan, the most helpful tool

Post by Qbot » Fri 05.12.2006 4:15 pm

I don't know if someone posted this wondergem before, but here is a link for you firefox users who are studying japanese, for the most helpful Japanese learning tool in the world, (drum roll) RIKAICHAN!! haha

Just toggle it on a website with Kanji or kana and move the mouse over it, and a little pop up window comes up and tells you what it means and how to read ir in Hiragana. TOTTEMO BENRI DANE!!!!!!!!!

Haha well, its helped me learn to read a LOT of kanji ;)

Awckward if theres a link already here about it..hahaha sorry, I didn't look.

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RE: Rikaichan, the most helpful tool

Post by keatonatron » Fri 05.12.2006 10:11 pm

It's been posted before but it's nice to have a reminder for any new people.

Also, if you update firefox with rikaichan installed, things might start acting funny (on mine, whenever I would try to start rikaichan firefox would just crash! :o ) To fix that problem, after you update firefox just reinstall rikaichan by going to the website and clicking on it like you did the first time.

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