plz with a phrase...

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plz with a phrase...

Post by apples » Fri 04.15.2005 2:01 pm

ごめんなさい。もう嫌われたかな? 話したいけど、かなり眠いから落ちます・・

i know the first word is I'm sorry.

please help me out .. thanks you ^^;

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RE: plz with a phrase...

Post by Applegate » Mon 04.18.2005 2:52 pm

apples wrote:
ごめんなさい。もう嫌われたかな? 話したいけど、かなり眠いから落ちます・・
"I'm sorry. I wonder if [you?] hate [me?] by now. I'd like to talk, but I'm so tired I could fall over."

I'm guessing a bit in the second sentence since I don't have enough context. If it would make more sense for "you" and "me" to be switched with other nouns then you should do that.
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