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Postby Shizen » Sun 05.08.2005 5:21 am

I've reposted the thread here since I think this fit a translation question rather than grammatical standpoint.

so what exactly are these "なの" ? I've seen them used in many instances like なんなの、or 危ないなの?or used in the ~なのに form, anyone want to shed some light on this ?
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RE: なの?なん(何)なの?なのに?(Repost)

Postby Gaijinian » Sun 05.08.2005 9:46 pm


That is wrong...

Nano is... hard to explain...
3) の vs なの (Level: intermediate-to-advanced)

の takes な before it, and always before it, in the case of na-adjectives and nouns.

Proper examples:
○ どこに行くんですか? ← simply の after a verb
○ どこに行くのか? ← simply の after a verb
○ どこに行くの? ← same
○ 行きたくなかったので… ← even in past tense, still の after a verb
○ 行きたいので… ← even conjugated verbs/i adj's, still just の

○ 嫌いなのか? ← なの after a na-adj
○ 一番好きなのは… ← なの after a na-adj
○ いや、先生なんですが… ← なの after a noun
○ 何なんだよ… ← なの after a noun (何)

Incorrect examples:
×  どこに行くなのか?
×  どこに行くなの?
×  行きたいなので…
×  行きたくなかったなので…

×  嫌いのか?
×  一番好きのは…
×  いや、先生ので…
×  何のか…

Huge, huge, unbelievably common mistake that a native speaker would never make, but a non-native speaker often flubs. Watch your の's versus なの's. They appear in dozens of different parts of speech, not just in sentence-final positions, but as nominalizers, emphatic markers, all sorts of places. However because the meaning of the sentence is still fine, you will probably never be "corrected" on it. You'll just sound like a novice forever.

It's sort of an explnation like because, and more detail...

Iya, onaka suitenai no.
Will you eat?
No, (I will not because) I'm not hungry.

The above was not my own words...
The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all.
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