Translating some anime attacks/battle cries

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Translating some anime attacks/battle cries

Post by Jack W » Mon 05.09.2005 5:31 pm

Hi everyone, finally I got the idea to join this forum because this is probably the best place to get this kind of question answered. This is a "translation of something from anime" question.

EDIT: Please forgive my rudeness, I realized that I should have at least introduced myself. I'm a new anime addict, and am also trying to learn to draw in the anime style (and/or otherwise). I've started to learn Japanese because I've noticed that most of my import anime DVDs have subtitles that it would be generous to call "mediocre", so I hope to get to the point where I can understand pretty well without them. My particular question comes because someday I'm hoping to draw Saint Seiya fanfic manga (I believe "doujinshi" is the correct word?), and I am going back and forth between either keeping the Japanese battle cries in Japanese, or translating them into English as literally as possible (which, unless I'm mistaken, they aren't necessarily in the original anime and manga series).

I'm curious about the translations of the attack moves used by the lead characters in Saint Seiya. At least the three who shout out their attacks in Japanese (the other two use what I'd call "Japanified English", even on the Japanese track).

For the signature attack of the title character, Seiya the Pegasus knight:


They use "Meteor of Pegasus!" on the English track, but am I correct that this leaves "ken" untranslated? Thus would it maybe be more literal to translate it as, "Pegasus Meteor Fist", or "Pegasus Meteor Attack", or some such?

Similarly, in the case of the signature attack of Shiryu the Dragon knight, named after the Rozan mountain range in China, where he trained:


I had a bit of trouble with "ha", the closest meaning of which to what I think is intended, seems to be "sword edge". In the English dub, he shouts simply, "Rising Dragon!" But could it be defensible to translate it something like, "Rozan Rising Dragon Blow"?

Finally, I'm completely stumped by one of the attacks of Ikki the Phoenix knight:


I've found that "hou" means "(male) phoenix", but I can't seem to come up with meanings of the other words that make a coherent whole. Perhaps I have the romaji misspelled? In the English dub, Ikki usually shouts something like "Flying Phoenix!" for this attack, but again I have the feeling this is not perfectly literal. (And probably cannot be, for lip-synching reasons.)

I know that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" when it comes to languages. And the sum total of my Japanese knowledge at the moment is that I have most of the hiragana and katakana down, plus recognize maybe 20-30 other words. Which is why I figured I'd better ask for help.

Thanks in advance! :)
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RE: Translating some anime attacks/battle cries

Post by Kuuhaku » Mon 09.05.2005 5:48 am

I am not sure about the meanings since i'm new to japanese too, but since you know the romaji here's a translation link that may help:
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