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IM in Kana/Kanji

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IM in Kana/Kanji

Postby akaotoko » Fri 06.10.2005 9:26 pm

I have a Mac and am trying IM in Kana/Kanji. I tried to download the Japanese MSN version but that did not seem to work. I think that I may need a different keyboard. Is this the problem?

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RE: IM in Kana/Kanji

Postby jiro » Fri 06.10.2005 9:56 pm

you should be able to IM in Kana/Kanji with the english version of MSN. i was able to last time i checked. can you type Kana/Kanji on your computer right now?
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RE: IM in Kana/Kanji

Postby jinksys » Sat 06.11.2005 4:55 am

jiro is correct. You may not have japanese langage support installed.

btw jiro, awesome avatar. Bebop, Bebop
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