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answering machine help

Postby kyospants » Sat 07.23.2005 7:13 pm

i saw a translation of this message http://s11.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=35LP ... MQCZT36TJL but the person who did it couldnt get all of it so i figured maybe someone else could do so.

there are five guys talking in this, Kyo, Die, Toshiya, Shinya and Kaoru.
this was how i saw it translated.

Shinya: Hai, I am Shinya, Dir en Grey's drummer.
Die: (Something that I don't understand)
Kyo: I am the vocals, Kyo.
Kaoru: I am "bachikankyoudai(O_o)", guitar,
Toshiya: I am Hadeo, on bass.
::they play rock paper scissors::
Kyo: Ahh..(Kyo loses).Right now, the person here.. uhh...
Die: Where are they?
Kyo: They're buying Umeboshi(pickled plums? >>;;)
Die: What are you talking about?
Kyo: They're buying some kind of expensive..
Die: Are they coming back soon?
Kyo: Or something really cheap, like from the convenience stores.. They're out buying expensive umeboshi from the convenience stores.. So later I'm going to make a beeping sound so after that you have to leave your message... And I think they'll like that..
Die: You think?
Kyo: Well it's not my phone, and I don't care.. It's not my house... But just leave anything anyways.... BEEP.
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