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gyuunyuu luvr
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Kanji poll

Post by gyuunyuu luvr » Tue 01.08.2008 8:01 pm

How many kanji do you know and how long have you been learning? And when I say know kanji I mean all the parts not just recognize their English equivalent. I have been learning for 6-8 months and know about 50-80. I can read and write 80 but have problem with all their meanings therfore I say about 50. I have the goal to finish 100 by 12 months. :D
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Yudan Taiteki
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RE: Kanji poll

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Tue 01.08.2008 8:31 pm

It's not really something you can keep count of for very long. I know enough, but I have no idea what the exact (or even approximate) number is. All I know is that I almost never encounter a kanji that is completely new to me, and it's becoming rarer and rarer for me to encounter a kanji I don't know the meaning and reading of.
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RE: Kanji poll

Post by SinoSamurai » Fri 01.11.2008 8:14 pm

a lot~~ if you need help just ask me, it's my honor!

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by Kisshu » Fri 01.11.2008 9:13 pm

Lol... only 220 or so... according to my book O_o I'm sure I know more raqndom ones, but no way I'm gonna count
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RE: Kanji poll

Post by MinusNick » Fri 01.11.2008 9:46 pm

Ha. I'm new, so I only know 15 really good so far, and can get the English equivalent of maybe 40 others by themselves (because of the kanji parts :D ), but I don't know all of their jukugo. Still, I'm comfortable with my pace.
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RE: Kanji poll

Post by Algoze » Fri 01.11.2008 11:06 pm

5 XD just started learning it today. I know all from 1 to 5 O.o :P
Learn more later but right now I am busy with grammar :)

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by furrykef » Wed 01.16.2008 1:30 am

I can write perhaps 1600 kanji from the Heisig keyword. I have 1827 flash cards total, but obviously I can't remember all of them at once yet, so if I remember 1600 then I remember 87% of them, which sounds reasonable. (My software claims that my retention of kanji is 94%, but I don't really believe this figure.)

The amount of kanji I can passively identify is smaller, because my flash cards focus on kanji production, not kanji recognition. I can usually tell if it's a kanji I should know or not, and if I see a page written in Japanese I can usually recognize most kanji on it, but I may not be able to provide the Heisig keywords for them all.

The amount of kanji that I can actually use -- that is, that I know a reading of and can put in a sentence of some kind -- is very small, 100 at most, and some of them I only currently know in a name or a compound word.

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by NZJutsu » Wed 01.16.2008 4:59 am

280, and I've been learning for nearly 5 months.

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by LustBaka » Thu 01.24.2008 2:22 pm

I've been learning for about a month or two, well more like 3 or four, but my schedule just lightened up so now I've got more time to devote to Japanese study. 65 and counting.

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by everdream » Thu 01.24.2008 3:21 pm

I can't place a number on it, because although I write down information in my common place note pad about the kanji that I've taken time to 'learn', I know many more from exposure and the like.
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RE: Kanji poll

Post by jenl » Thu 01.24.2008 3:53 pm

I can pass 8-kyuu on Kanken DS, which is supposedly about the same as third grade/tests 440 kanji. However, I don't think I know all of those that well. Between those that I do, and others that I've picked up along the way, maybe 400-ish? :)

I've been studying seriously for about 8 months, but I had a previous background in that I did two years in high school, and also some Mandarin and therefore the basics came back quite quickly, even though it'd been ten years.

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RE: Kanji poll

Post by skrhgh3b » Thu 01.24.2008 5:23 pm

I've hit a wall probably around the 600 mark or so. Gotta start studying again...! Since I know enough grammar to feel comfortable diving right into written Japanese, I just read whatever I want whenever I want, but as far as kanji is concerned, catching as catch can isn't the best way to go about it.
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Re: Kanji poll

Post by somenube » Tue 03.11.2008 1:42 pm

I know about 80-104 (4JLPT) and I have been studying for 8 months but I believe that we all work at different paces; I am focusing on grammar right now. Anyway, I have a quick question. Is my method a "good" way to learn kanji? I look at a new kanji a day. I glance at the readings but I focus on the vocabulary and practice writing it and think, if possible, using it in context. The next kanji will be part of the compound I learned yesterday and so on till I finish all the compounds. Then I will basically know the readings and meanings of the kanji I studied. I have been using this and it works for me but Is this a bad habit? :(

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Re: Kanji poll

Post by Oracle » Sun 04.20.2008 6:24 pm

If you can count the number of kanji you know, you don't know enough yet!

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Re: Kanji poll

Post by chikara » Sun 04.20.2008 8:40 pm

Oracle wrote:If you can count the number of kanji you know, you don't know enough yet!
Good point :lol:
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