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JLPT listening comprehension

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JLPT listening comprehension

Postby m_ » Thu 06.05.2008 2:05 am

Do they repeat and play again the question and conversation of the listening comprehension during the JLPT 4 test?

I find that sometimes I realise I had not catch what is the question when the conversation ends.
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Re: JLPT listening comprehension

Postby chikara » Thu 06.05.2008 2:21 am

They play the conversation first followed immediately by the questions. When the final question is asked there is only a short time to answer and it is pencils down.
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Re: JLPT listening comprehension

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Thu 06.05.2008 8:42 am

They only play each segment once; no repeats.
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Re: JLPT listening comprehension

Postby katafei » Fri 06.06.2008 4:05 am

They only play it once, and as Chikara mentioned, there is very little time to think between two questions.

My bit of advice:
They always start the next 'chapter' with the question that you will have to answer, so it's very important to catch every first segment!
If you don't know an answer, don't dwell on it too long, but make sure you listen to the next question. Because if you miss the beginning part, it's very difficult to catch up, since you don't know what you are listening for..... :wink:
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