JLPT1 in December, Possibility or no? What's needed to study

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JLPT1 in December, Possibility or no? What's needed to study

Post by Yusaba » Sun 08.24.2008 11:38 am

So I'm studying JLPT2級文法 right now, but I want to take the JLPT1 in December. That gives me a little over three months I guess to get up to that level. I can and understand quite a fair bit of Japanese, which is why I'm just focusing on grammar. I don't think kanji will be a problem since I've finished RTK and don't need to look up 80-85% of what I read. What is an honest assessment of the possibility of doing this? Since I have to register by September, I realize it's hard to say what kind of progress I'll make in the next couple of months, but since I want to go back and work in Japan, I think if it's not 1級 it's not worth it in my case.

As far as studying for it,

I have the grammar books, but I don't have the reading&comprehension/listening/vocabulary books. How important are these to get and study from? If it is necessary, should I get JLPT1 and 2 books and practice both?

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Re: JLPT1 in December, Possibility or no? What's needed to study

Post by kfmfe04 » Mon 08.25.2008 12:38 am

The answer is easy: go to a bookstore, buy a book of previous tests and try it out (takes 2.5-3hrs). This will tell you much more than people trying to guess your ability level. From my experience, RTK is just the beginning - compounds may or may not have the meanings you might expect. As a rule, I always look up compounds at least once to make sure my "guessed meaning" is appropriate (you will be periodically surprised). For reading comprehension, missing 15-20% could kill you - especially if the problems involve grammar.

As for buying books, it all depends on your objective- is it primarily to learn the material or to pass the test? If it is the latter, it's actually not extremely hard as you only need 60% for 2kyu and 70% for 1kyu. YMMV, but for many people Reading Comprehension and Grammar are the hardest parts, but no one will know what you need to study until you try a test. I recommend you do that ASAP and send in the application form if you haven't already done so. After you take a practice test, it will be clear what level test and books you should buy...

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Re: JLPT1 in December, Possibility or no? What's needed to study

Post by clay » Mon 08.25.2008 3:07 am

I agree with kfmfe04. Getting a past year's test is the best way to choose which level you want to try for.

Bonjinsha just released four new books with CDs. Unlike previous test books, these have three years (2004-2006) worth of tests on each level. (Here)
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