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JLPT Goals

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JLPT Goals

Postby Matazi » Wed 12.17.2008 7:07 am

I'm trying to determine and establish goals for myself using the JLPT (I won't be able to go to Japan for some time).

Baring in mind that everyone has different study methods and rates of absorption; would it be feasible to set a goal to pass the 3-kyuu (4-kyuu as of the new modification) in December 2009, starting from scratch?

Also, is it actually possible to skip 4-kyuu (5-kyuu), or do I have to take it as a formality?
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Re: JLPT Goals

Postby richvh » Wed 12.17.2008 8:06 am

There are no prerequisites for any of the levels; you can take 1 kyuu without having taken any of the other test levels if you wish. And taking 4 (formerly 3) kyuu after a single year of study should definitely be doable.
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Re: JLPT Goals

Postby clay » Wed 12.17.2008 8:43 am

And taking 4 (formerly 3) kyuu after a single year of study should definitely be doable.

I did that. When I arrived in Japan, I probably could have passed 4 kyuu, but decided to wait a year and study for 3 kyuu.
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