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View topic - Any Finns taking JLPT this year?

Any Finns taking JLPT this year?

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Any Finns taking JLPT this year?

Postby Milmi » Thu 09.08.2005 5:23 pm

Are there any fellow (wo)men who are intenting to take JLPT in Finland? If you didn't already know, this is the first year when you can take the test in Finland (Helsinki). More information about the test itself is available on Finnish Embassy of Japan's web page.

I'm going to try yon kyuu even if I might be able to pass san kyuu as well. I just want to be sure to pass (with a good score :)), so that's why I chose level 4.

If you're interested in partisipating, don't hesitate! They're going to continue offering the chance to take the test if enough people will take it this year.
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