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Request advice on JLPT lv 3/4 study material

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Request advice on JLPT lv 3/4 study material

Postby kenithf » Tue 03.01.2005 8:18 am

Greetings all,

I have been looking for study material for the level 3 JLPT. I live in Australia and don't have a credit card for international orders.

I have found an online store interstate, (in Australia), that will take cheques and money orders. Apart from past tests my 2 main choices are:

1. Practical Japanese Training Workbook Level 3 & 4
ISBN: 4-88324-309-5
Publisher: Senmon Kyouiku Shuppan

2. Practice Questions for the JLPT Level 3 & 4 Text
ISBN: 4872341465
Publisher: ALC

They also sell the audio tapes for these practise books.

According to the site they both provide example questions, test stategies and solutions for sitting both level 3 and 4 exams. They are both in the same price range.

What I want is to find out out which is better. But my online searches have not yielded any additional information.

So if anyone can provide either a considered oppinion or the URL of a site with reviews for these books I would be grateful.

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RE: Request advice on JLPT lv 3/4 study material

Postby Spaztick » Tue 03.01.2005 10:15 am

From this shop you can get a great book on learning the first 300 kanji, called Read JAPANESE Today, is really good.
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RE: Request advice on JLPT lv 3/4 study material

Postby clay » Tue 03.01.2005 12:47 pm

I am not familiar with the first book, but we sell the second. I have a few page scans here:

We do ship to Australia often, but mailing money orders would require going to a bank and sending it to us. We can work with you if you need help.
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