Online resources for the JLPT exam

The test - experiences, questions or comments
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Online resources for the JLPT exam

Post by seouldavid » Wed 03.10.2010 10:10 am

The site below is very useful in that it contains some great resources for the JLPT exam - the past JLPT exams, a guide for people preparing for the JLPT, and other JLPT study materials. ... anese.html

And also it provides a list of websites helpful in studying kanji for the JLPT exam.

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Re: Online resources for the JLPT exam

Post by 牛ジュース » Thu 03.11.2010 2:05 pm

Online mocktests = 28 1/2 cookies for you!
( n_n)/( ' .; ) <--chocoloate chip

I will test them out and see if they work on Mac.
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Re: Online resources for the JLPT exam

Post by Harisenbon » Thu 03.11.2010 8:05 pm

For online mock-tests you might also want to try They only have about 8 full tests at current, but they're working on adding more, apparently.
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Re: Online resources for the JLPT exam

Post by NileCat » Thu 03.11.2010 9:19 pm

10/10 questions(100%)correct!
ヤッター! :)

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Re: Online resources for the JLPT exam

Post by tōkai devotee » Fri 03.12.2010 3:31 am

NileCat wrote:ハリセンボンさん、模擬テストやってみたよ。
10/10 questions(100%)correct!
ヤッター! :)

本当に難しいテストですね。私の結果は 8/10!!嬉しい!  :D
If the tests are difficult for a Japanese person, I'm really happy I scored 80%!
I'm doing my celebratory dance right now :lol:

Oh, and welcome back, NileCat-san! Good to see you!

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