N3->N2 in 9 1/2 months

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Re: N3->N2 in 9 1/2 months

Post by Riza » Sun 12.26.2010 5:03 am

I want to do the same as you, but I'm still not yet at a 3kyuu level. But I've been studying really a lot, that after I made the 4kyuu this month, I went through an integrated approach and I'm in the last lesson, and somehow studying the grammar and remembering the grammar because easier to do.

My plan?

-Study the vocabulary and listening comprehension of AIAIJ (I focused on grammar only)
-I use Anki to learn vocabulary (20 new cards a day - grammar cards also included)
-I'm going though a kyuu grammar book
-I listen to japanese almost everytime (unless I have to study for other subjects)
-I bought Tobira to reinforce my grammar knowlege after AIAIJ
-I ordered a keigo textbook, the book after AIAIJ (from japan Times), I thinks it's called "progressing from intermediate to advanced japanese", also ordered the workbook, a textbook for 2/1 kyuu.

I literally study whenever I can. In the past week I've been studying 2 hours (anki) plus about 7/8 hours a day.

Japanese has become my addiction. Because it's so awesome to watch japanese shows and be able to understand a bit and to be able to understand hamasaki ayumi's lyrics :mrgreen: ...

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