Grammar (JLPT level 4)

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Grammar (JLPT level 4)

Post by Milmi » Tue 10.11.2005 6:21 pm

Does anyone know where I can find the grammar points that I need to know in JLPT level 4?

I've tried to search for the information but the best I can find is this . They do mention the grammar points but they use the book "Japanese for busy people", eg. "Japanese for busy people, grammar points 1, 2, 3, 4 etc."

So where can I find the points so that they're not just some references to book or something? I mean like this: Learn the verb -masu and -te form, i-adjective present and past tense and so on.

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RE: Grammar (JLPT level 4)

Post by Kates » Wed 10.12.2005 3:53 pm

If you look at the "Free Material" section on the MLC site, you'll see a pack to download--while it doesn't specifically SAY in the pack "know the -masu form; know the -te form; etc"... it DOES give the sentences used in JLPT exams since 1992... and I'm betting that will give you a very good idea of what you need to know.

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RE: Grammar (JLPT level 4)

Post by cybermat » Fri 12.09.2005 9:42 pm

Well I just took the level 4 this year so I can definitely tell you what grammar points will be on.
This is just off my head on what I could remember. So, I could be missing something, but it will give you a good start.

Grammatical Elements
1) wo
2) ni
3) ga
4) ka
5) ya
6) wa
7) nagara
8) kara
9) made
10) dake
11) shika
12) dewa
13) no
14) to
15) mae ni
16) ato ni
17) te
18) tari

1) masu & masen form
2) te form
3) nai form
4) dictionary form
5) tai form
6) iru form
7) connect verbs to nouns

1) i - form
2) na - form
3) changing them to te form
4) changing them to adverbs
5) connect adjectives to nouns

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