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N3 3 month challenge

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N3 3 month challenge

Postby Stefan » Tue 09.18.2012 10:20 am

is it possible to be able to study the N3 in a 2-3 month timeframe?
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Tue 09.18.2012 4:49 pm

It depends on how much previous experience you have with Japanese. I wouldn't say it's impossible, but it would be very tough without a doubt if you're starting from scratch. N3 is considered to be an intermediate level of Japanese and you're expected to be able to read a fair amount of kanji and know some few thousand words.

If you want to know what vocabulary and kanji the N3 test may contain, then you might want to check out this site:
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby leonl » Thu 09.20.2012 12:26 pm

If you are around N4 level or have taken about two years of College Japanese, it is possible, but you will need to dedicate a lot of time to studying.
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby Stefan » Mon 10.08.2012 10:23 am

im about N3 i think. i understand most N4 an N5 vocab (at least what's posted on Tanos) so far my greatest str is grammer and weakness listening.
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby tokyofan » Fri 11.02.2012 7:11 am

I have a friend who studied a few hours a day for 6 months and that wasn't enough
to bridge the gap. Of course how a person studies, what they study, background are
all a factor. I'd say go in with the attitude that it is possible, and go for it.
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby hoiantuan » Wed 11.28.2012 12:16 am

I think you can study N3 in 3 months
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby Abbysam007 » Tue 12.17.2013 12:52 am

I have been pointed to sites such as but frankly I don't know how reliable they are for using as a source of new tagging.
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Re: N3 3 month challenge

Postby paulus0912 » Thu 11.20.2014 11:44 am


Do you have great book of practice test for N3?

pls share the link

Thank you
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