Great site for 3,2,1kyuu studying!

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Great site for 3,2,1kyuu studying!

Post by Kates » Mon 10.24.2005 2:04 pm

coco-san shared this link with me and I really love this site. (I searched and didn't see it posted elsewhere... I hope I'm not repeating someone else's good advice. -_- )

On this site, you can take quick online 'quizes' for the JLPT levels 3, 2 and 1. You can see below there are some specific ones (like, for lvl 3: Rashii? You? Sou?--which focuses on those 3 grammar points).

But also, near the top are the two dropdown menus and search field so you can specify what kind of questions you'd like to try. When I select the first dropdown box to 3級, it gives me 1509 sample questions! XD After each page of 10, you can check your answers.

I hope JLPT-takers find this site useful! Ganbatte, minna!

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