Will the JLPT be useful?

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Will the JLPT be useful?

Post by WacKostRacKo » Wed 10.26.2005 6:07 am

hey im reading for degree in japanese at the moment, and i was thinking about the qualification that i will recieve at the end of my 4 years and i was thinking which would be higher? A JLPT level 1 or a BSc in Japanese with a year abroad included? Doing the JPLT would be no skin off my back as i have to study regulary anyways, and for only $50 (thats about £25-£30 to me) i could just apply for the test and complete them alongside my degree.

Do you think that it would be worth it? or would the degree be worth as much or more than the JPLT tests? :p
tanuki wrote:
How about:

外人: これはすしです。すしが好きです。
日本人: おお!日本語が上手ですね。
外人: Erm....what?
story of my life...

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