JLPT level 3

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JLPT level 3

Post by realproxy » Sun 03.27.2005 8:46 am

Konnichiwa Minna San

I just love this site and have been reading the kanji section religiously.I plan to give JLPT level 3 exam this year and i want some guidance regarding that.Can somebody please tell me what are the books that I need to study to prepare for level 3.Especially for kanji and grammar.I have been following Japanese for busy people I and II.
Is that enough or do i need to look for more.Please help!!
Thanks in advance

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RE: JLPT level 3

Post by clay » Sun 03.27.2005 11:20 am

There are books specifically for 3 kyuu prep. If you are in Tokyo, most large bookstores should have a selection. Just thumb through them to find one that works for you. If you don't have access to books, we do sell them on http://www.thejapanshop.net

But there are a lot of free resources too. I am working on compiling 3 kyuu grammar words here:

And of course the kanji pages for 3 kyuu:

Ganbatte on the test!

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RE: JLPT level 3

Post by KRed » Mon 03.28.2005 8:52 am

I used Minna No Nihongo 2, that covered all the level 3 grammar for me before I took the test.

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