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Past Papers available!!!

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RE: Past Papers available!!!

Postby tanuki » Wed 11.08.2006 7:21 pm

Chikara-san, I think those that can be downloaded in the JLPT Communication Square are just sample questions, not whole test papers.
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RE: Past Papers available!!!

Postby sambobuk » Mon 11.13.2006 5:41 pm

What do you mean, the site is not legit? Of course it's legit! It has the papers on it...
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RE: Past Papers available!!!

Postby paul_b » Mon 11.13.2006 5:49 pm

sambobuk wrote:
What do you mean, the site is not legit? Of course it's legit! It has the papers on it...

It's not legit because it has the papers on it.
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RE: past papers maybe copyrighted files,

Postby shenyea » Tue 11.14.2006 2:11 am

"The past papers maybe copyrighted files",
bacause some pubulisher buy this copyright and sold to website, include the mp3 files. by the way ,jees has not declaired all of authorities of past papers.
in the other hand , the past papers has been collected by memories in brain by some of Chineses who has taken these test. they are genius ,believe me ,It is not a joke!!. :D :D :D :D :D almost of the electric files was inputed manually , up to now it is a great JLPT project contributed and shared by some great sites in china. that is why Chinese,Taiwanese and Korean alway get the highest scores in every examination , thought it be thinked as impossible by other countries.

as a evidence, you can see the 2006 test paper (not really a paper) collecting procedure almost on each web site for Japanese learners in China just after Dec,5th.
welcome to discuss these metters. B) B) B) B) B)
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